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Get to know the Sioux Falls Women Run Board Members

  1. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Russian and studied abroad in St. Petersburg a summer in college. Fun fact!

  2. I have a cat (Cat) and a dog (Juniper/June), and a husband (Adam) and live in a big house that we are enjoying renovating!

1-I am slightly addicted to Candy Crush Soda version.  It started when I had my daughters as I would play it when I was rocking them late at night.

2-My favorite “holiday” is birthdays!  I just love them; it is a person’s special day and I think it is great reason to celebrate.

3- I would like to be a World Marathon Six Star Series finisher.  I have run Boston, NYC, & Chicago and have the overseas London, Berlin, Toyko to go!   

Jacqui Meadors


Lizzie Kasparek

Assistant Director

     I grew up in Sioux Falls and then went to college in Nebraska (University of nebraska – Lincoln).  after graduation I spent time traveling Europe. i came back to Sioux Falls in 2003 and I have been here since that time.


     I am married to Rob and we have three daughters; Claire (age 4), Nora (age 3), and Lauren (22 months).  I would like to think that we are going to have our own little class a (4 scoring runners) or AA (5 scoring runners) once all these little girls get to high school!  ☺  


     Currently I stay at home with the girls. prior to having children Itaught in the Sioux Falls public school district for 11 years.  I was at Axtell park middle school, Patrick Henry middle school, and Lincoln senior high school.  I taught math and absolutely loved it.  I also coached high school cross country at Lincoln for 6 years and that certainly was a highlight as well!  During my coaching at LHS not only did i have the experience of winning state championships, but also (and truly more importantly) being a positive role model and impacting young athletes.  


     When I started working with Sara on SFWR it was a perfect fit.  I was presented the opportunity to coach women (i have always enjoyed coaching) and also I was able to serve on the board behind the scenes, which is a great role for me.  The women I have met through this group have become great friends and I am very appreciative of those who dedicate their time to keep this ship moving forward.   

I have an uncanny ability to remember specific details and locations of discussions that I have had with others while running.  Some include: Explaining to Sara how to replace a wax ring on her toilet (we were on the trail behind Granite City), Hearing Kim’s stuffed animal god wink story (bike trail between Pasley and Rotary Norlin) Sara’s whipping cream incident with her mom (have her tell you this one- it’s great!!) (Covell Lake) and best of all, when the idea of SFWR was first discussed! (Just outside Cherry Rock Park)! I only wish this ability would bleed more into my non-running life ;)

Glenda Bittner


     I grew up in Yankton, SD and am the oldest middle child of 6 kids. I have lived in Sioux Falls since 1998.


I am married to Jason. We have 3 boys: Colin who is 24 and lives in Brookings, Logan who is 20 and just started his Junior year at Northern State University (Go Wolves!), and Alex who is 14. The two younger boys keep us pretty busy between Cross Country, Soccer, and Track.


     I spend my days as a Project Manager for PREMIER Bankcard. I have been with the company for just over 19 years, and in my current position for 3 years. In addition, I also work part time as a Tax Professional at Fair Tax during the tax season. This past year was my 22nd tax season preparing taxes. I love seeing my repeat clients year after year, as well as meeting new ones.


     I started running in 2005 when I stopped smoking. I do not know where to begin when I think of all that running has brought into my life. I love running races with my boys (even though they easily beat me now!), I have met so many wonderful people, and have had some fun adventures!

     I moved to Sioux Falls, SD in the Fall of 2015 after taking a job as the Sports Dietitian for the Sanford Sports Science Institute! I was a military brat growing up – my dad is a retired U.S. Marine – so I have lived all over the U.S. and our family moved from Okinawa, Japan to middle-of-nowhere, Wisconsin. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, which is where I met my husband, Adam (playing trumpets in the UW Marching Band!)


     I love being a sports dietitian because I get to help athletes and active people of all ages make small changes that impact their performance, overall health and confidence in a big way! I especially enjoy working with runners because I know how proper nutrition helped me fuel my body better for running, recover faster, and feel better.

    My love/hate for running started as a cross country runner in high school, and this love/hate continued into college, where I started “jogging” for fitness. I decided to sign up to run my first marathon my freshman year of college...I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Imagine - cotton tights, no Gu or water, no cell phone, and directions written on my hand for those long runs. 


     Fast forward a couple years – I survived that first marathon and have ran several marathons since then, including working to qualify and running Boston in 2015! My favorite local race is the Frostbite 4, and my favorite marathons are Twin Cities and Grandmas! I moved to Sioux Falls and didn’t know a single soul, but SFWR helped me build a community of awesome running friends. I love the Facebook group and the excitement that surrounds SFWR events and training team workouts. We are SO lucky to have SFWR here.

1-I have only been seriously running for just over a year and a half.

2-My Dad and brother are both funeral directors. No, I did not live IN a funeral home growing up.

3-I LOVE adventures. Anything to give me a rush of adrenaline-count me in! Hence the decision to go skydiving in September!

Kate Patrick

Social Media Director

     I grew up in Brookings, SD and continued on to SDSU. I am a Bobcat and Jackrabbit through and through. I am dreading the day that one of my kids will have to go to a Sioux Falls high school solely because i will then have to cheer for a Sioux Falls school.


     I have lived in SF now for 8 years. I am married to Jesse. We met back in the day at Hy-Vee in Brookings. At the time, it would have been frowned upon to date as he has 7 years on me. Persistence paid off, after the third time I finally said yes to a date. We have two handsome little boys. Owen is almost 5 years old (still not sure how that happened) and Nolan will be 2 in December.


     I am a realtor at Keller Williams. I honestly can say i love my job. Meeting people, building relationships, and helping people is my passion. This year I went out of my comfort zone and am also leading the Gloria Dei MOPS group. It is the best group of moms and excited for the year ahead


     Grateful is the word that I use when I think of SFWR. I have gained so much from this group and I am proud to serve on our board.


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